What is Not A Fan?

Not A Fan is a six-week program that begins with a feature film and follows on with six small group studies and weekly episodes - all focused on encouraging individuals to journey from being a fan of Jesus to becoming a completely, committed follower.

Through the use of high quality cinematic storytelling and powerful and applicable teaching, Not A Fan - The Movie, Small Group Study and Pastor's Resource Kit - cts as a guide through the life of Eric Nelson, a nominal Christian whose faith came second to the pursuit of pleasure, money and lifestyle. Watch as a confronting moment of realisation leads him to take up the challenge of truly becoming a follower of Christ. This is a challenge that is extended to viewers, as they see the transformational power of the choice Eric makes to 'deny himself and take up his cross daily' (Luke 9:23).

The Not A Fan Movement is seeking to engage the church body throughout Australia in order to take our nation's believers on a journey from enthusiastic admirers to completely committed followers.

Our vision is to see people brought closer in their faith through examination of how they are responding to Jesus' compelling invitation to 'Follow Me'. Not A Fan is the first of its kind to enter the Australian market and has a unique and exciting potential to revitalise our nation's small group culture.

The first step is to buy Not A Fan the movie to have a look for yourself and see what Not a Fan is all about.

Register your church to become apart of the Not A Fan Movement and place an order for the small group kits.

Screen this film to your congregation, launch into your six-week program and be encouraged and challenged as this powerful resource takes you and the people around you on the journey of becoming an authentic follower of Christ.