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"I have done a few of the pages in the Journal, and watched some of the tapes. It really has opened my eyes. It has inspired me to seek a TRUE relationship with my Father, and not just be content to be a fan.I didn't even realize that is what I was until I started to ask myself some of the questions that were brought up in some of the videos. Thank you all so much for what you do, and the inspiring way you are bringing the GOOD NEWS to people." --Jaime Miles

"My family and I are currently in week 4 of the NOT A FAN series! It has been very motivating and I feel we are all growing closer to the Lord daily! I really enjoy the journal as it helps you to focus on Jesus throughout different points of the day. That was one of our main prayer requests when we started the study and I feel the journal has helped us become more disciplined. Kyle does a wonderful job presenting the material throughout the videos and the journal quotes. I am one of the fortunate people that live in Louisville, Ky and have the opportunity to hear Kyle preach regularly! I was recently re-baptised on Jan. 2 and becoming a Completely Committed Follower is something I strive to achieve! I would suggest this study to any person, no matter where their walk with the Lord may be. God Bless! - NOT A FAN"
--Aaron Troutman

"My small group was going to do the "NOT A FAN" series and we were pumped to do it this week, when our Pastor asked us to hold off on that since he wanted to do it as a church study this September! So instead our small group will be doing the Easter Experience now and that will take us up to Easter! We are pumped to start the EE also! It would be cool if we could get Kyle to come to the church to start the series off for us! Just but I can't wait to start this series!" --Juan F. Fraustro

"We just finished the series two weeks ago and I have told countless people about it. It is by far the best teaching series we have ever been a part of! Thank you for stepping up to the plate and telling it like it was intended to be told. It's right in line with the books Radical, Crazy Love and The Hole in Our Gospel. Love it!!!" --Pam Grolljahn Romano

"My small group just started this study! So far, I have been challenged, I've cried & I have a new found desire! Loving it!! The take home journal is a work in progress. It really makes you step back & take a look at your everyday life." --Melissa Barnes

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"Reading @iamnotafan episode five. Love this site and wanted to share..please see and be blessed...barbara" --@journeytofaith

"Amazing first night of small groups for week 1 of @iamnotafan at @seekserveshare yesterday. Over 400 ppl total! Great reports from groups!" --@action_djackson

Pumped and ready to hear @brianwalton bring it for week 2 of @iamnotafan at @seekservershare . Transformation is happening!" --@action_djackson

"Into week three of @iamnotafan and loving it" --@pastorkent

"Finally reach my @iamnotafan of Jesus moment....I am a totally commited follower! Thank you Lord! Thanks 2 Kyle Idleman 4 teaching" --@reddbonepretty

"Reports coming in from @iamnotafan groups...people being transformed from fans to followers...salvation and freedom!" --@jerrydarkjr

"Just purchased @iamnotafan T-shirt. I still believe that the H20 - Journey of Faith series might be the best ever!" --@Acts1042

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